Bianchi road race aero  and gravel bikes


      25 products

      25 products

      If you are a cyclist committed to finding the fastest line at every opportunity, Bianchi bikes are driven by a need to inspire confidence in every ride.


      The Bianchi Specialissima helps you fly up the climbs and dominate on the flat.
      The carbon disc frame is light, just 750g, so none of your climbing power is wasted when the road turns upward, but it’s also superbly-stiff providing excellent transfer of that power to the road.
      The Specialissima is designed for World Tour professionals but it is also your complete racing bike.
      The overall look might be classic but make no mistake. With enhanced climbing, improved stopping power courtesy of disc brakes and smoother aerodynamic performance it’s a pure racing machine, bearing a name that has become iconic.

      The Sprint is worthy of inclusion in Bianchi’s Allrounder Racing category, created for those starting out on their journey in competition. Launched in the 1970s, the original Sprint was loved by riders of the time, and is much ad-mired still as an iconic piece of cycling’s history.

      The Oltre XR4 and XR3 is a bike driven to perform. Its precision handling, combined with vibration-cancelling Bianchi CV System, provides incomparable control. Perfect power transfer means every watt you push through the pedals takes you closer to the win. If you want it bad enough, the Oltre XR4 is the tool to take you to the top.

      The new Bianchi Aria is an efficient aero road bike that's more accessible than any of the brand's Oltres. the ARIA has a precision-engineered frame and integrated fork with advanced aerodynamic shape and racing geometry. The Bianchi ARIA is a fast performance-oriented aero road bike.

      New endurance platform from Milan’s finest and one of our Endurance Bike of the Year contenders. Bianchi Sport-orientated geometry, that eschews Bianchi’s ‘Countervail’ dampening technology for a race bike with all day comfort.