Road cycling e-bike X35 Motor efficient pedal assistance bikes with eco boost and turbo modes. Rechargeable that give you upto 100km of cycling fun.

Road E-Bike

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      1 product

      Road e-bikes are emerging fast. The latest additions in this segment look exactly like a conventional road Bike, take the Bianchi  as an example, a discreet power button on the top tube is all that can be seen. It takes an observant eye to pick up on the rear hub X35 Motor that is super efficient. Equally the charge cable is hidden below the water bottle mounts. Pedal assistance is key here, with most bikes in this segment allowing 80-100km plus of riding on a single charge when used in eco mode. A quick press of the button flicks you through modes, eco being the least amount of assistance, to turbo mode, that will double the power. A great way to get back into cycling after being off the bike. Injury can stop us all, an ebike will enable you to get back out their and mix it up.

      Most bike manufacturers have an offering from Orbea, Bianchi, BMC and many others joining this fast emerging segment, and for good reason!